Amongst the many notable accomplishments since its inception, the FJCC has:

1- Hosted the first ever Democratic Mayoral forum on Orthodox Jewish issues in the Jewish community.

2- First Jewish group in the NYC to host the newly elected City Council Speaker.

3- First Jewish group to host the newly elected Brooklyn District Attorney.

4- Hosted a major political forum for Federal, State, Citywide and local representatives on the issues affecting our community with dozens of elected officials and candidates attending.

5- Hosted a Yeshiva leadership conference with the Brooklyn South and local precinct Police commanders to enhance interaction and improve school and community safety.

6- Coordinated with local NYC Sanitation leadership to benefit our homeowners and business community.

7- The FJCC has facilitated important ongoing meetings with our community’s Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva, Bais Yaakov High School and Elementary school leaders to address many issues benefiting our community.


8- Coordinated safety campaigns in conjunction with Flatbush Shomrim and Flatbush Hatzoloh, including seminars for Yeshiva faculty. An "Active Shooter" training seminar by the NYPD and the NY State Homeland Security was held for school faculty members.

9- FJCC volunteers are constantly assisting many institutions and individuals with various governmental issues.


10- In coordination with Flatbush Hatzoloh, the FJCC hosted safety events titled “What to do BEFORE Hatzoloh arrives" which were offered free in separate classes to men and women. Communities nationwide have requested material to emulate the FJCC safety concept.


11- Initiated a voter registration drive along with a vibrant GOTV (Get Out The Vote) campaign with the goal of registering 10,000 new voters.

The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, FJCC, unites and represents the greater Flatbush Jewish community, New York States' largest, on communal, civic and political concerns.


Josh Mehlman, Chairman

Malcolm Hoenlein, Honorary Chairman

Chaskel Bennett, Co-Founder

Executive Board

Leon Goldenberg, Peter Rebenwurzel, Avi Schron, Avi Schick

Alan Esses, Rafi Treitel, Menachem Lubinsky, Shimon Lefkowitz, Ephraim Nierenberg, Moshe Zakheim, Shmuel Miller,

Moshe Wulliger, Robert Moskovitz, Dudi Spira, 

Ephraim Fruchthandler, Naftali Miller


Contact info:

Office 1981 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11223